If you want to buy this software mail to : astro_sybic@wp.pl (german, english or polish language)
or take a look eBay (phrase : AlmSun) sometimes it is put on auction.

Price of the program : 19 USD

Purchased program is compiled separately for each user, together with the key generated for his/her individual data (name and surname). These two files (exe and key) are sent by e-mail.
The rest of data is available in the network, to which there will be sent link with mentioned files.
Optionally, you can upload files with DE406 ephemeris, which can be downloaded from NASA website now.
The list of files is here : DE406 (While downloading, we have to ensure that Windows did not add the extension of *.txt. Names of files have to be like in the summary).

Calculated eclipse sequences : sequences

DE431 and DE422 :

Payment : PayPal or money transfer to my account.